A common chemical called Perchlorate has once again come into question for how much is too much, especially for developing babies and their mothers. Perchlorate occurs both naturally and as a result of manufacturing according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Perchlorate is widely known for its effects on thyroid function. High and/or frequent doses of Perchlorate interfere with the thyroid’s ability to absorb iodine, and decreases the production of thyroid hormones. For pregnant women, thyroid hormones, specifically t4, is necessary for normal growth and development of their babies in utero. According to a new study, thyroid function in pregnant women was affected by Perchlorate exposure, and thus suggested that pregnant women and newborns should be extra cautious about Perchlorate exposure.


You can find Perchlorate in:

  • fertilizer
  • water
  • rocket fuel
  • fireworks
  • flares
  • food packaging
  • the atmosphere

Don’t panic by looking at this list. The important thing to remember is that the risk lies in high, excessive amounts of Perchlorate exposure. Fortunately, there are things your growing family can do to reduce your risk of excessive exposure.

Pregnant women and infants must get adequate levels of iodine - so buy products that naturally contain iodine or are fortified with it. Check the contents of your local water source and follow the EPA’s advisory of not exceeding 15 parts per billion in your drinking water. To stay safer, buy bottled water for consumption and preparing baby formula.

This study certainly raises some concern, but much more research needs to be done to determine how much is too much when dealing with Perchlorate. As it’s pretty much impossible to avoid Perchlorate altogether, it’s still important to know where you can cut excess exposure. Following these tips can help reduce risks for perchlorate affecting your thyroid, especially in pregnant women and their growing babies.

A functional medicine professional can help guide you towards a healthier lifestyle and more informed decisions when it comes to your health.

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