Success Stories

What do our clients have to say about their experience?

Brenda Arenas, Escondido, CA

“Suffering from a blinding headache, severe pain throughout my head and jaw, which moved down to my neck and shoulders and all the way down my back to my right hip, I couldn’t stand up straight. I couldn’t live like that any longer! After years of visiting doctors of all sorts, not one could help me. Dr. Lim performed the ‘Miracle Adjustment,’ and I couldn’t believe the relief of pressure throughout my body.”

Patricia Caballero, Escondido, CA

“Before my first visit with Dr. Lim, I never realized how important it was to take care of my body in all aspects such as eating a healthy diet, drinking lots of water, exercising, and the most important thing to me, stress management. After attending my first class, which was stress management, my way of living changed automatically. I understood exactly what Dr. Lim was trying to convey in his class. My life has changed in a positive way. I am grateful to Dr. Lim and his staff for really trying to help the people that come in. I’d like more people to come in and learn what I did.”

Betty Mariotti, San Marcos, CA

“After my first visit, I knew I was in the right place. The doctors were so concerned, I wasn’t sure there was any hope for my late stage arthritis. Dr. Lim said, ‘There is always hope.’ After three months, I began to sleep without pain. I have members of my family, including my husband and several of my friends coming in. I always tell my friends how much these good doctors have helped me. I’m so glad I found him.”

Paul Kim
Los Angeles, CA

“I am 74 years old. I had injured my back while playing basketball back in September 2006. My initial symptoms were very serious. Both of my legs had numbness and weakness with
excruciating pain. These symptoms caused me to limp when I walked, and I wasn’t able to stand on my tiptoes. After taking an MRI, the neurosurgeon diagnosed me with a ruptured disc with fragments extending through the spinal cord, and he strongly recommended that I have surgery right away. But I didn’t want to have surgery and instead chose to go with chiropractic care. I was under Dr. Lim’s care for a month and a half after the injury. Miraculously enough, my body responded well with the care, and I fully recovered from my back problem without going through surgery.”

Mark Kirby, Escondido, CA

“Many years ago, I had a severe spinal injury at a place I was working. Basically it caused mid-back and neck pain that was excruciating. I decided to see Dr. Lim. In short, I probably would not be walking or breathing well without his chiropractic help and intervention. As a physical therapist myself these days, I continue to have Dr. Lim treat my curvature of the spine caused by that accident many years ago.”

David W.
Escondido, CA

“Dr. Lim has been very helpful to me — and I highly recommend him. He is professional and cares a great deal about his patients’ well-being. I went to him with a great deal of back pain, neck pain, and numbness in my legs and feet, and inability to carry on my normal physical activities (golf, exercising, gardening, etc.). He has been treating me for a little less than two months, and the results have been amazing and most rewarding. His staff is wonderful, professional, and efficient. I highly recommend Dr. Lim.”

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Joanne F.
San Diego, CA

“I was way too heavy and overweight. I had trouble breathing and got winded just walking from the car to the house. I realized that I needed to lose 100 pounds, but I was frustrated because it took too long to lose weight. After going through Dr. Lim’s program, I lost 40 pounds during this 43-day diet program. And then I took a six week break. I started the program again and lost an additional 20 pounds, totaling 60 pounds all together. I feel good and can walk for two hours and ride my bike without getting winded. I stopped taking medications for my sinus issues because my sinuses don’t bother me anymore. My knees don’t hurt, and my ankles don’t hurt. My sciatica leg pain went away. My lower back doesn’t hurt anymore. And I feel GREAT!!”

Terry C.
Escondido, CA

“A friend referred me to Dr. Lim. I had a lot of muscle cramps in my lower back due to a motorcycle accident. I couldn’t go to work, I had to sleep in a chair, and I was very uncomfortable in my daily movements. So I had gone to an M.D. and was given medication and recommended physical therapy. I have had previous experience with other chiropractors where I didn’t experience the same results/relief as I have with Dr. Lim. With Dr. Lim’s chiropractic care, and my pain has greatly subsided. Now I can sleep in my bed. I don’t have to sleep in a chair anymore.”

Angelena Y.
San Diego, CA

“Due to falling flat on my back onto a music stand as a child, I have had many headaches. My left eye seemed to drift off more often. After having my three boys, it was hard to read them books or to play with them. I took Tylenol nearly every day for years, which didn’t help some days. After the first visit with Dr. Lim, I had already felt a huge improvement! I realized I had no recurring headaches. I can get on the floor with my kids and do every activity I want with them. Plus, I can hold my eyes straight, and when I am really tired, my left eye does not wander much at all! Thank you, Dr. Lim, for everything you have done for me.”